We help…

  • HR leadership teams
  • People managers
  • Benefit & reward professionals
  • Benefit providers
  • Employee support services
  • Diversity & inclusion teams

By supporting your…

  • Senior Management
  • Sandwich Generation employees
  • Working Carers
  • Older workers (50+)
  • Expat & distance workers

What is AgeingWorks?

A digital health, wellbeing and eldercare platform…

Supporting valued employees & families on their ageing journey

A comprehensive programme…
Providing eldercare support, information & action steps

Recommending the best available…
Online & offline support, products, services & resources

Designed to help employees & their families …

Reducing the stress & costs that ageing & later life can bring and positively improving overall quality of life!

Benefits for Employers

  • Reduced absenteeism, presenteeism, & stress
  • Increased talent attraction & retention
  • Improved employee wellbeing
  • Improved productivity & profitability
  • Analytics that measure the impact & ROI of the programme

Benefits for Employers

  • Reduced stress
  • Time & financial savings
  • Improved engagement & loyalty
  • Improved performance & productivity
  • Improved family engagement
  • Improved awareness of own health & wellbeing

The platform at a glance

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Interactive Information

The AgeingWorks programme provides your employee and their family with secure access to the AgeingWorks platform as well as…

  • Constantly updates personalised advice and support
  • Compelling content to support, reinforce and encourage Positive Ageing
  • Access to a global community of Positive Ageing Experts
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Eldercare Support

AgeingWorks provides access & information to useful support services

  • Access to emergency and backup eldercare & domiciliary care
  • Eldercare planning & advice
  • Eldercare insurance packages for unique family circumstances
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Discounts, Deals, Rewards & Encouragement

  • Take advantage of trusted discounts, deals, and benefits negotiated by us – for you
  • Engagement rewards throughout the journey
  • Regular prize giveaways from some of the world’s most desired brands
  • Entertaining emails that deliver tangible and functional advice, discounts, insights, and encouragement
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Share & Care with family

AgeingWorks supports not only your employee, but their family and carer network too.

  • Simply Add Family Members – 3 clicks to getting started to share the AgeingWorks experience.
  • Family Dashboard – 24/7/365 access available to your employees, their families, and care helpers enabling a self-managed experience and family assistance tool.
  • Print-N-Post enables automatic sharing of valuable information with family members via the post.
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Anytime, anywhere access

  • 24/7/365 access available to your employees, their families, and care helpers
  • We make the website and recommendations easy to use – with information, action steps, check-lists and help in almost every area relating to the AgeingWorks service and its many features
  • Accessible via any device PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet
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Actions Steps & Trusted Resources

Positive Ageing and elder care information, help and support delivered to your employees and their families through the AgeingWorks Service.

  • Our expert information is supported by practical action steps to help your employees get the most out of the advice we provide.
  • The most comprehensive, localised, regularly updated, best practice, trusted and recommended resources.
  • We only introduce resources that we would be happy to share with our own families.
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Online Assessment Tools

  • BIO-Age health calculators – that help determine your biological age (as opposed to your chronological and cognitive age!)
  • Monitor and sensor plug-ins
  • Recommended Apps for positive ageing health and wellbeing
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Analytics & Reporting. See measurable results, in real-time.

  • A range of organisational reports that deliver real-time participation insights, measurable results and ROI data
  • Access to your own MI dashboard to capture and create custom reporting that supports your organisational objectives

What our customers are saying about us…

I thought this was one of the most unexpected and therefore impressive HR initiatives I have experienced. The primary focus was completely about people, rather than work, although playing into the space of the work/life balance. A direct consequence was that I acknowledged impacts in my personal circumstances that I was avoiding addressing, and this has had an immediate benefit.

[The Positive Ageing Seminar] made me acknowledge to myself that there is an impact on working life. Acknowledging that it is not just a personal problem, for me the next step would be tips on looking after yourself in the work context; what can I do for myself, and when should I call out issues. - RWE npower employee
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