Changing the way you think and act about ageing

The Positive Ageing Company is the only information, technology and health services company, dedicated to helping make ageing work better for everyone. We are firmly committed to bringing innovative solutions to the ageing health and wellness needs of our organisational clients, the employees they serve, as well their families.

The Positive Ageing Company is a one-stop-shop full of practical common sense thinking and activity for families and companies.

We help people think and act positively on issues relating to later life. We are a pioneering, one-stop-shop full of practical common sense, products, services and support to help families and companies meet the needs of today and successfully prepare for later life. We are a business that deliberately sets out to change the way families and companies think and act about ageing. Whether you’re a son or daughter thinking about older parents, or a HR Director looking into the wellbeing of employees, you’ll be aware of later life issues around family, security and wellbeing. Up until now, you’ve had to find your way through a maze of different support services. We’re here to change that.


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